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Operation and maintenance of electric vehicles points Tips


Operation and maintenance of electric vehicles points Tips

"Electric vehicle operation and maintenance of key points ."

Note : This " Important Tips " is only used in electric vehicles an important step in the process of using part of the maintenance tips , proper use and maintenance methods should be " electric car manual " shall prevail.

When users encounter "electric car manual " is not related to the technical questions , please contact the after-sales maintenance center .

The following points should part with ★ special attention.

Operation points Tips

★ drivers need to have the car driving experience and drive carefully in order to ensure safety of personnel and property ★

1) ★ low gentle start , avoid fierce acceleration. Avoid damage to the circuitry or accidents.

2 ) non- frequent inching accelerator pedal , so to shorten the life of electronic control .

3 ) reduce the speed before turning and avoid pursuit direction .

4 ) be predictable gentle braking to avoid unnecessary emergency brake .

5) ★ Put the vehicle to a complete stop before making a forward ( backward ) file conversion.

6 ) should not exceed the rated load when traveling beyond the nominal slope, avoid large current discharge the battery .

7) ★ frequently over speed humps or bumpy road can cause mechanical damage , be sure to reduce the speed ! Recommend traveling with a minimum speed .

8 ) When the power table just near the yellow zone for the yellow zone or green area , you should stop using charge .

9) ★ Battery avoid over discharge ( reaching the red zone ) , or affect battery life.

10 ) Allow the battery (not reaching the yellow zone or red zone ) charge ahead .

11 ) is equipped with a manual car in the parking device running the parking rod should be put in the end .

12 ) vehicles is prohibited on slopes greater than 5 degrees parked cars to prevent slip .

Important tips nurturing

1 ) a new car to go in period is very important, see " Operating Instructions " and "new car to go together ."

2 ) Be sure to remove the key before charging to turn off the electric car power supply.

3 ) Turn on all electric charge when the cap, maintain good indoor ventilation , open flame is prohibited ( because the charging process to produce hydrogen ) .

4 ) Check the battery before each charge in the fluid level should be above the plate 1 cm .

5 ) should be less than pure distilled water was added ★ battery level ( suggested the use of 20 liters of distilled water over a large plastic barrels , if added to tap water or distilled water can cause battery failure in the short term scrapped ! ) .

6 ) prevent the magazine into the battery , use plastic cups or magnetic insulating glass clean utensils when adding water. If the magazine fell into the battery , not Qulao with wire copper and other metal materials , the application of clean stick clip out the magazine .

7 ) Each charge should be filled to avoid stopover charge ( occasionally stopover on the battery charge is not affected ) .

8 ) Each time you use the car battery must be promptly charged the same day ( over 10 km ) after .

9) ★ avoid loss of electricity storage, must be fully charged before idle without charge once every 15-20 days during placement .

10 ) the battery surface clean and dry , firm contact cables should be checked regularly .

11 ) If the battery when a significant decrease performance, battery voltage of each block were detected , repair or with rent .

12 ) electronic control, fuse boxes and other electrical appliances should not rinse ! You can use a brush or high-pressure gas dust .

13 ) connected to the charger connected to a separate power outlet should not be mixed into other appliances.

14 ) Charger order: charger connected to a 220V power connection body → → open the charger switch ( in reverse order after full operation ) or more.

15) ★ connected to the charger 's power cord should reach 3 square feet or more ( recommended waterproof cable ) , power outlet reaches more than 16A . The first charge must be someone on duty within one hour , if the heating wire that description and stop charging cable failure .

16) ★ non-professionals do not try to repair electrical parts, do not disassemble the battery ( the battery when the car is removed from the first split and then split the positive and negative ; battery should be installed first and then Ann Ann positive and negative ; After the cable connector can not be removed contact with the body , to avoid explosion ).

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